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Text Box:     Take a step back in history to the Victorian Age as you enjoy the serenity of days gone by. Imagine, if you will, as you enter the house, tea time in the afternoon by ladies of the community in their finery, or visitors singing the newest sheet music songs in the parlor. Or imagine the discussions after an elegant dinner over fine cigars and finer brandy as movers and shakers in the community discussed politics, the arts, religion and current events of the day. More than one major deal affecting the future of Platteville and environs were struck in this house.
The Dorsey was built between 1900 and 1901 by a prominent business and civic leader, lumber baron George F. Meyer.
The home is a solidly-built structure, as one would expect from a lumber and construction mogul. It has been lovingly and accurately restored.
The Dorsey stands out as a local example of a stylish Queen Anne home. An unusual interpretation of the Victorian house, this only remaining vernacular Queen Anne house with a neo-Jacobean influenced round conical roofed porch is an important representative of 19th Century architecture in Platteville. 
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